About me.

My name is Vanessa and I love spaniels and I love spaniel sized dogs. Don’t get me wrong I like all dogs but I have always loved this size of dog. Not too small and not too big, just right.. like Goldilocks. I grew up with Springer Spaniels and once I had a family of my own it was completed by two beautiful Cocker Spaniels.

I spent 26 years teaching maths and I enjoyed working in education but I have always wanted to have a dog centred job and it was time for a change. I can groom from my house, be with my dogs and meet and get to know lots of other dogs and owners.

I completed my training course at the South Warwickshire Dog Grooming School in Stratford-upon-Avon in September 2023. Grooming a dog is about listening to the owner and finding out what they want but it is ALL about listening to the dog and doing what works for them when they come to visit.

The Spaniel Salon opened in January 2024 and you can see my clients so far in the gallery.