My Services

All my services begin with the customer and understanding what you want for your dogs groom.

Please let me know in advance if your dog has any likes or dislikes when they go to the groomer’s eg. doesn’t like the blow dryer, not fussed on feet being touched, likes to sing!

Natural Cut
Long ears trimmed behind/underneath.
Feet trimmed.
Feathers tidied but not cut short.
Back not clipped.
Prices from
Feet and feathers only Prices from
Tidy Up
Similar to natural cut with fluffy legs and sides are tidied with thinning scissors. Prices from
Similar to natural cut.
Body of dog is clipped.
Prices from
Puppy Haircut Getting them used to grooming.
Bath, dry and light trim if needed.
Prices from
Dog Groom Tidy up, trim or clip. Prices from
Poodle mix breeds Dogs should start to be groomed from 4 months and require grooming every 4-6 weeks, maybe 8 weeks depending on style Prices from
Twice a year grooming means a full shave off twice a year. Prices from
Extra charge Heavily matted or dirty dogs will need extra time spent on them.
A few matts/dirt can be removed during a groom but there is an extra charge of £10 if it takes longer than usual.

Pricing: all prices include bath, blow dry, nail and ear check.

Fully insured.